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For home villa elevators, solid guide rails are a hard standard

8/28/2020 11:03:30 PM

 The quality of the villa elevator has something to do with the guide rail? Many friends who don't know the inside story don't believe it. It doesn't matter, today I will popularize this hard knowledge.

Let's leave the elevator aside and let's talk about trains. The train, have you all taken it? What is the top of the train to run? If there is a problem with the track, will the train derail or even roll over? The answer is definitely beyond doubt.
In the same way, the elevator guide rail is equivalent to the rail; the importance of the guide rail to the elevator is equivalent to the importance of the rail to the train. Why can China's high-speed rail be sold all over the world? Stable and solid rails have contributed a lot.
The next question is: Is the elevator guide rail good? What is the criterion? The elevator guide rail is an elevator component composed of steel rails and connecting plates. It is divided into car guide rails and counterweight guide rails. Each elevator has four guide rails, two main rails and two auxiliary rails. From the cross-sectional shape, it is divided into three forms: T-shaped, L-shaped and hollow. While playing a guiding role, the guide rail bears the impact force of the car and elevator when braking, and the impact force of the safety gear when emergency braking.
How does the elevator guide rail affect the comfort of the elevator?
1. The connection accuracy of the guide rail: The connection accuracy of the solid guide rail is guaranteed by the end size of the guide rail and the symmetry of the male and female tenon. The connection accuracy of the guide rail directly affects the stability and comfort of the elevator operation.
2. Roughness of the guide surface of the guide rail: The roughness of the guide surface of the guide rail directly affects whether the guide shoe can run smoothly on the guide surface, and also affects the storage of lubricating oil, thereby affecting the running quality of the car.
3. The straightness and twist of the guide rail: any point of the guide rail bends and twists will give a side force to the car, which will affect the linear movement of the car up and down, making the car feel shaking.
Another decisive factor is whether to use solid guide rails or hollow guide rails when manufacturing elevators? And is it T75 model? Or T70 model? What is the difference? In short, commercial elevators generally use T75 solid guide rails. And some villa elevator businesses use T70 hollow guide rails.
The load-bearing capacity of commercial ladders is generally 800 kg or even 1,000 kg. And what about our villa elevator? The load capacity is 400 kg. Damingfu elevator adopts T75 type solid guide rail, which is the standard commercial elevator capacity. In a big saying: Use an elephant to hold up a small box. Is this a waste of cost? Of course not, in order to be foolproof and go further than perfection. What China's national industrial power needs is: sincerity.
A small guide rail has such a big mystery. Well, let's talk about it here first.