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Elevator Guide Rails Are Divided Into Three Categories

5/26/2020 6:18:10 PM


Elevator guide rails are divided into three categories: solid guide rails, counterweight hollow guide rails and escalator guide rails.

The solid guide rail is a machined guide rail, which is made of guide rail profiles through mechanically processing the guide surface and connecting parts. Its purpose is to provide guidance for the operation of the car during elevator operation. The small-size solid guide rail is also used for counterweight guidance. There are many specifications of solid rails, which can be divided into 8K, 13K, 18K, 24K, 30K, 50K, etc. according to the weight of each meter, and can be divided into T45, T50, T70, T75, T78, T82, T89, T90, T114 according to the width of the rail base plate , T127, T140, etc.

With the increase of people's requirements for elevator comfort and elevator speed, high-precision guide rails are the development direction of guide rail production. High-precision guide rails are based on ordinary guide rails to improve accuracy in various aspects, such as guide surface dimension tolerance, guide rail height Tolerances and tongue and groove symmetry tolerances have changed from the original 0.1mm to 0.05mm, and increased the requirements for multiple end shape and position tolerances and increased the requirements for the straightness and twist of the guide rail. High-precision guide rails are the guide rails used in high-speed elevators, which not only have higher precision than ordinary guide rails, but also eliminate the potential bending and twisting deformation of the guide rails in the process, such as adequate aging treatment of the guide rail profiles before processing the guide surface. In order to reduce the residual stress in the guide rail profile, sufficient aging treatment is performed again before processing the end dimensions and before fine adjustment, and the internal stress is fully released to reduce the guide rail bending caused by the stress after the guide rail is installed.

The counterweight hollow guide rail is a cold bending rolling guide rail, which is formed by cold bending of a coiled plate through a multi-pass mold, which is mainly used to provide guidance for counterweight during elevator operation. The hollow guide rail can be divided into TK3 and TK5 according to the weight of each meter, and can be divided into straight edge and flanging according to the shape of the end surface of the guide rail, namely TK5 and TK5A.

The escalator guide rail is a cold-rolled rolling guide rail, which is mainly used for supporting and guiding the steps of escalators and moving walkways. Each escalator enterprise uses escalator guide rails of various cross-sectional shapes according to its design needs, that is, it uses its own escalator guide rail standards.