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Installation Operation Of Elevator Guide Rail And Guide Rail Bracket

4/28/2020 12:55:26 AM

 The rail bracket is the support of the rail. It is required that each rail should be supported by at least two rail brackets, but if the length of the uppermost rail is less than 800mm, only one rail bracket is needed. The spacing between the guide rail brackets is not more than 2000mm.

Determination of the length of the guide rail. Refer to the hoistway diagram, and determine the final full height of the hoistway based on the actual measured hoistway size from the bottom pit plane to the top bottom surface.

Interception of standard guide rails: the actual length of the required guide rails should be calculated according to the above formula, converted into the number of required guide rails (generally the guide rail length is 5000mm), the conversion formula is: required standard guide rail length / 5000 = required guide rail roots

After arranging in convex and concave order, determine the cut-out size of the lowermost guide rail. After the guide rail is intercepted, the corresponding mark should be made. The lowermost guide rail is convex upward.

Due to architectural reasons, the wall of the hoistway cannot be absolutely vertical, resulting in different lengths of the guide rail brackets. Therefore, the brackets should be intercepted and marked according to the actual size of each file. In order to facilitate the welding operation of the end of the bracket, a gap of 10 mm should be left between the end of the bracket and the embedded part or the wall of the hoistway.

Installation of rails and rail brackets. The installation method of this installation process guide rail is to install gradually from the bottom. Fasten the rail bracket with a C-shaped port to the rail bracket connecting plate, connect and fasten the rail pressure plate with the rail bracket, and start adjusting. After the adjustment is completed, welding is performed. After the first rail is adjusted, the second rail is installed. After the adjustment of the second guide rail, the joints of the guide rails should be adjusted and the connecting plate bolts should be tightened, and so on.