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Do not forget the original intention, and move forward with inspiration, the Mofeel team building activity ended perfectly!

12/12/2020 1:49:49 AM

  Do not forget the original intention, and move forward with motivation

Mofeel Elevator Guide Rail Co., Ltd. held an annual company team building in Changshu Jiangxiang Ecological Park on December 8. Nearly 50 core operating personnel of the company participated in this expansion activity. The participants came from sales, technology, operations, Core operation teams such as marketing and human resources.
The content of this expansion activity is rich and varied, including group competitions such as kayaking, taking over the ball, name solitaire, tower building, and dry curling. Let's take a look at the wonderful moments in the event!
Warm up fun game
Before the start of the expansion, the instructor led everyone to a series of warm-up games, which quickly mobilized the emotions and interests of all members, and welcomed the day's competition with a positive attitude.
Demeanor of each group member
Before the start of the game, the employees were randomly divided into 6 groups. Each member team has its own team uniforms and small flags, as well as its own team name and slogan, which can be described as exciting.
Kayaking competition is a project that will appear in many team building and expansion projects. Anyone who has played it knows that this is an extremely physical and collaborative competition. If the boat is not careful, it will circle in place, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. During the competition, the friends of the Mofeel did their best to actively cooperate and help each other to successfully complete the task.
Take over the pass game
Taking over the sub pass can be said to be the most difficult game in all games, because it not only tests the patience and cooperation of the team, but also tests everyone's stability and balance, as well as the control of the speed of the sphere. There will be mistakes.
Name Solitaire
The name Solitaire is the memory link of the postgraduate entrance examination team, but its significance lies in allowing the company employees to have a deeper understanding and understanding, especially enhancing the emotional and tacit understanding between new and old employees. It is a seemingly simple Really meaningful game.
Tower building is an expansion game that tests the endurance and stability of the team. Eight people each hold a rope and use the central hook to lift the blocks one by one, and build them one by one, up to ten. The team with the shortest time to build the tower is successful.
Dry field curling
Dry curling, also known as ground curling, is a throwing sport on smooth ground in a team. The goal of winning is achieved by stopping the own curling ball at a preset position or hitting the opponent's curling ball. The competition was tense and interesting, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and participation of all members, and it was a double test of physical strength and intelligence.
Receiving prizes and concluding remarks
There are winners and losers in any competition, but even though defeat is glorious, the company's original intention of uniting as one will not change. The company has prepared prizes for the top two teams with outstanding performance to encourage everyone to create better results.
At the end of this outreach event, Sales Director Sun gave a summary speech for everyone's day activities. The team building expansion is intended to carry forward the corporate culture and corporate spirit, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees in teamwork, enhance each employee's sense of participation and responsibility for the collective, and allow employees to learn new things in every sport Knowledge points, these are of great help to work.
May Mofeel not forget his original intention and move forward with inspiration. Open a new starting point in the coming new year and move towards a better future together!