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Note! Elevator emergency skills and use knowledge

7/11/2019 1:17:17 PM

The summer vacation has arrived and the children have returned home. Under the scorching sun, we must pay attention to some safety hazards in the process of taking the elevator every day. It is necessary to learn the basic working principle of elevators and dangerous treatment methods.

The elevator is an indispensable vertical transport in high-rise buildings. It is a large and comprehensive equipment for mechatronics. In order to ensure its safety and reliability, the elevator has set up various preventive measures, such as electrical safety devices and mechanical safety devices.

Let's share some common sense of elevators.

How does the elevator work?

The elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by a wire rope, and the wire rope is driven by the traction of the driving device, so that the elevator car and the counterweight move up and down on the inner rail of the elevator.

Is the wire rope of the elevator broken?

The wire rope for elevators is dedicated to elevators, and the state has special regulations and requirements. The tensile strength of the wire rope is far greater than the load capacity of the elevator. Their safety factor is above 12, so the elevator wire rope will not break.

Is there a danger of sudden power failure during elevator operation?

In the event of sudden power failure or failure of the power supply line during elevator operation, the elevator will automatically stop running without any danger. The elevator itself is equipped with electrical and mechanical safety devices. Once the power is cut off, the elevator brakes will automatically brake, making the elevator unable to operate.

In addition, if the power supply department has a plan for power outages, the elevator will stop running in advance.

What should I do if the elevator runs suddenly?

The running speed of the elevator should be within the specified rated speed range, whether it is up or down. Generally, it will not overspeed. If there is overspeed, there is anti-overspeed device in the elevator control system. At this time, the device will automatically operate. The elevator slows down or stops running.

Next, we will answer a few questions that people are more concerned about.

What if I am trapped in an elevator?

After the passenger is trapped, the best way is to press the emergency call button inside the elevator. This button will usually be connected to the duty room or the monitoring center. If you want to do it, wait for the rescue.

Tips, window climbing, not desirable

It is relatively easy for a professional to open the car door from the outside after the elevator has a faulty person. Passengers trapped in the elevator want to leave the faulty elevator as quickly as possible, so some trapped passengers force the door or open the skylight at the top of the car to escape. Is this safe?

When the elevator fails, the door will malfunction. At this time, the elevator may start abnormally. If the door is forcibly blocked, it is dangerous, that is, cutting. This situation is likely to cause personal injury. For the same reason, trapped passengers are also prohibited from climbing out of the skylight.

However, if the car door cannot be opened temporarily, it must be assisted by professional rescue personnel. After the power failure, the trapped personnel can escape from the skylight.

Many passengers are afraid that the elevator that is malfunctioning may fall. In fact, such fears are unnecessary. The elevator is quite safe in design. His suspension system is generally more than four, and the safety factor can reach more than ten times.

The elevator is also equipped with a fall arrest system, including a speed limiter, safety gear, and a bumper at the bottom. Once the elevator is found to be overspeeding, the speed limiter will first stop the elevator drive unit.

If the main engine still does not stop, the speed limiter will raise the safety gear to clamp the track, forcing the car to stagnate on the track, and if the car directly hits the bumper at a certain speed, the car will stop. No matter how the car stops in that way, it will not cause a big impact on people.

In addition, we should pay attention to some things when riding the elevator in peacetime:

1. Do not lean on and damage the door panel when the elevator arrives to prevent it from falling.

2. Passengers should not use the body to stop the elevator from closing the door or relying on the safety touch panel.

3, children must take the elevator to accompany an adult.

4. Do not take the elevator when there is a fire or earthquake.