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The three-day tour in Zhejiang

6/25/2019 1:44:24 PM

On June 21-23, 2019, Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator organized a three-day trip to Zhejiang. The event enhanced communication and understanding among colleagues and increased the cohesiveness of the team. Relaxed and adjusted to create a united, active and progressive atmosphere that inspires enthusiasm for work and life.

In a laughter, we started our journey. On the coach, some of my colleagues talked in private, some were competing in the game, some were refueling, and they were separated from each other, leaving their troubles, relaxing, and coming to the destination with joy. One stop - Fangte Oriental God Painting Theme Park.

Fangte Oriental God Painting Theme Park is a splendid picture of the essence of Chinese 5,000-year history and civilization. Although there was a little rain, it was unable to withstand the excitement of everyone, and experienced one after another thrilling and exciting rides. The exhaustion of the car was swept away, and the joyful laughter of colleagues came from time to time.

In the second stop, we came to Xiangshan Film and Television City. Xiangshan Film and Television City took the Lingyan Mountain as the background and skillfully combined the natural landscapes of mountains, rocks, caves, water and forests. The scenic spots are mainly divided into Shendiao Xiacheng, Spring and Autumn Warring States. The city, the Republic of China, etc., into the film and television city, the dense eucalyptus forest, the gloomy tomb of the living dead, the scented peach garden, the fascinating water curtain hole... people are dizzying and lingering.

Then we came to the half-beach beach that we yearn for, came to the beach, and looked at the endless ocean. Look up and look at the ocean, the sky in the sky is floating with a few white clouds, and the blue waves of the sea are sometimes blooming. The sea and the sky, the sea, watching the tide rise and fall, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the coast. It must be that nature is playing music for people who are on vacation on the coast, and people are enjoying the sea. Although there are not many people on the beach, it makes this golden beach more quiet and less awkward. People are chasing and playing on the shore, and they are having fun.


The next attraction is Chiang Kai-shek's old home, Xikou. Before entering Xikou Town, the only way to go is Wuling Gate. When you hear the word "Wuling", the beautiful picture of the paradise emerges. There are mountains and waters, and there are people in the depths of Yunshan. As imagined, it is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the Wuling Gate is still shining under the sun, full of vitality, preserved intact, and can not see the traces of wind and rain. Long wandering around the ancient town, looking at the ancient house, the rustic atmosphere, fascinating and curious. Some of the old houses that have been repaired have become the current shops. In this ancient town, time has passed especially slowly, allowing people to enjoy the time quietly.


The last stop was the Xijiang River rafting. Because it had just rained in the past few days, the river was not too big or too big. It took a rubber boat and leaped from the cool water. It was sometimes as light as a swallow, and sometimes it was like a tiger. Cheering all the way, wearing jungles, river valleys, enjoying the scenery along the way from a moving perspective, feeling the vegetation of the virgin forest brings you a visual impact. The green trees, fresh and natural air, come in, take a deep breath The mountain air with wild flowers and fragrance makes the lungs feel fresh and cool. In the forest sea tide, you can experience the natural taste in the mountains, water and forests, and feel the different feelings brought by the forest drifting.

The happy time is always fleeting, and the three-day trip to Zhejiang is over. Good memories and happy moods will be remembered. During the three days, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery given by nature, and expressed their long-lasting enthusiasm. It made everyone feel the affection and touch outside the work, and realized that everyone is a harmonious person. The team is a warm family.