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Elevator maintenance

2019/4/24 9:22:42

 What is elevator maintenance?

It refers to the work of regularly checking, refueling, removing dust and debugging safety devices of elevator components in operation. Including elevator traction wire rope nondestructive testing and lubrication maintenance.


The elevator maintenance steps

1. After the elevator maintenance staff arrives at the scene,they should ask the elevator management personnel about the elevator operation and fault conditions, and make a record.


2. When the maintenance personnel are in the maintenance and overhaul of the elevator, they should first hang the “Elevator Maintenance and Inspection” notice board in front of each hall.


3. When the maintenance personnel check or refuel in the elevator engine room, the main power supply of the elevator should be cut off first to confirm that there is no electricity before checking and refueling.


What should pay attention to elevator maintenance?

1. The tractor of the elevator needs oil lubrication. There are two calibrations on the outer cover of the tractor. Opening the nozzle to check the oil should be in the middle of the two calibrations. If the oil is lower than the following calibration, it means that the tractor should be refueled. If not refueled, the long-term operation of the elevator will not get good lubrication, which will lead to the burning of the tractor and motor. After the elevator runs for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time to keep the tractor refreshed and lubricated.


2. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car boots. Everyone knows that the guide boots are running on the guide rails, and there are oil cups on the guide boots. In order to make the elevator run without friction, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cups and clean the guide boots, and to clean the car's hygiene.


3. Maintenance of elevator hall door and sedan door. Elevator failures generally occur in elevator hall doors and sedan-chair doors, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of hall doors and sedan-chair doors. Firstly, the upper shelf of the door should be refuelled to maintain good lubrication, so that the elevator will not make unpleasant noises in operation and in the opening of the door. Attention should be paid to the inspection of elevator safety contact plate or light curtain type contact plate switch line, because the frequency of elevator switch door is high, which will damage the switch line, which requires maintenance personnel to check in every work, the change should be changed in advance, so that users do not doubt the quality of elevator products due to door problems.