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Mofeei Elevator Knowledge--How to deal with the elevator accident?

3/27/2019 2:29:49 PM

1.When there is no signal in the elevator, how to ask for help?

Do not force the door open, immediately contact the relevant personnel with the alarm bell, walkie-talkie or telephone in the elevator, waiting for external rescue. If the alarm is invalid, you can make a loud call or intermittently tap the elevator door.


2. When the elevator speed is abnormal.

The legs should be slightly bent, the upper body should be tilted forward, and the knees would be bent. The entire back and head are placed against the interior wall of the elevator in a straight line to cope with possible impacts. If there is a handle in the elevator, hold the handle tightly.


3. A fire broke out while the elevator was running.

Make the elevator stop at the nearest floor and take the stairs quickly.


4. Press the emergency brake button at the first time in case of emergency.

There is an emergency brake button (red button) at the top and bottom of each escalator. In case of accident, press the button at the first time. The escalator will stop automatically within 2 seconds with a buffer of 30-40cm.


5. If the emergency brake button cannot be pressed in the first time.

Passengers and servants to use both hands to hold the handrail of the escalator, and then lift their feet, do not touch the escalator, so that people will move with the escalator guardrail, will not fall, but there is a premise that the people on the elevator can not be too much.


6. When encountering crowded injury incident.

Protect oneself head and cervical vertebra, can hold pillow ministry with one hand, after protecting a neck with the other hand, the body is flexed, do not run about, protect on the spot. Pick up the baby as soon as possible.


7. When the escalator goes backwards

Quickly grasp the handrail, low posture to maintain stability, and loud communication with the people around, keep calm, avoid crowded stampede.