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Zhejiang's three-day tour ended successfully

2018/6/8 8:28:08

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a break from busy work, embark on a peaceful and honest journey and enjoy the quiet and warmth of long absence. At 7 o'clock on the morning of June 1, 2018, the sales and management team of Mofeel Elevator Guide Rail Co., Ltd. led by Manager Jacky Chen drove to the summer resort Zhejiang and began a three-day mission to build a group. This activity enriched the staff's leisure life, enhanced communication and collaboration among departments, and made the working atmosphere more harmonious, so as to better enhance the cohesiveness of the company.

The first stop is the Lin Long Xian long Gap, which is known as "Drifting on Mineral Water". After around an hour, the river is meandering and turbulent, and when you feel stimulating and safe drifting, you can enjoy the inexhaustible charm of first-class water quality in the natural ecological environment. Drifting over mountains and mountains, rewarding one view and one scene, We can't feel a trace of exhaustion and relax.

After the endless drifting, we went to Daming shan and stayed in the mountain farmhouse. After a night of rejuvenation and rejuvenation, we started to visit Daming shan the following morning. High mountains and deep valleys, stacked mountains, towering peaks, the momentum is very spectacular. The colors of the mountains are almost as if they are like the ink landscapes in the Chinese paintings. Pine trees, rocks, clouds, and peak forests emerge in an endless stream, and they are called the "Zhejiang Little Huangshan Mountain." We sway and climb the mountain to climb high and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Then we watched the magnificent and large-scale song and dance "Song of the Ages" in China's largest theme park, which truly reproduced the prosperity of the Song Dynasty city and was honored by the overseas media as the "O" show of Las Vegas and France. Moulin Rouge "compared with one of the world's three best names." In addition to this, we are fortunate to see participating in the wonderful and rich folk activities. Give me one day, but for  you thousand years!

In the evening, Song Dynasty has a unique flavor. The architecture along the street seems to pass through time and space. The humorous name of the shop drives you to stop and take a picture. We spent a night in the city of Song Dynasty in groups of three or five, and ate various kinds of foods. We ended the day's tour with joy and laughter.

On the third day we went to the West Lake, the representative place of the beauty of Hangzhou. Take a stroll along Su Causeway and take a boat trip to the island to visit the lake's Myssa Island. The landscape is one, people walk in the painting and the fish swim in the water. In the afternoon, the bus took the bus back to the company and the trip to Zhejiang on the 3rd ended successfully. I believe everyone will devote more energy and higher enthusiasm to work.