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Our Company Sales Team Attend the LIFTECH EXPO JEDDAH 2017

2017/2/17 16:08:08

 Regards to Saudi Arabia, the first impression which gave us is “the magical country in the desert”. The LIFTECH EXPO JEDDAH 2017 is so exciting held in this magical country. Our sales department attended this expo this February to Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia international elevator expo is one of the largest elevator, escalator and relevant industries, technology communication in the middle east area. It attributes more than 80,000 persons to visit the expo. We believe this expo will be improved whether in the range of the suppliers or attendance. It provides convenience for suppliers abroad to know more about the market of Saudi Arabia and explore the market abroad.

Saudi Arabia is famous for the oil. Oil industry brings speed development to Saudi Arabia’s economy. Which stimulates the requirement for elevator on construction and infrastructure. This time the expo is held in Jeddah, Jeddah is the second largest city of Saudi Arabia. It will bring huge business opportunity on elevator industry with the construction of residence.

With the development of export abroad, Saudi Arabia becomes an important elevator guide rail export country in our company. During this expo, many new and old customers came and visit our booth. Our sales gave specific solution for the client’s questions.

Through this communication in the expo, all clients know more about our company’s status and production strength. In the meantime, it lay a solid foundation to explore the market of Saudi Arabia and the surrounding areas.