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The Sales and Manage Department of Zhangjiagang Mofeel Elevator Guide Rail Co., Ltd three days and two nights trip in Zhejiang Thousand Island Lake

6/28/2016 3:45:47 PM

On June 24, 2016, Our company (Zhangjiagang Mofeel elevator guide rail Co.,Ltd) organized the Zhejiang Thousand island Lake three days and two nights trip.

We set out together at 6:00 am in 24th June. Everybody's enthusiasm is very high. On the way, the tour guide introduced the history of the thousand island lake. Thousand island lake, like its name,there are 1078 islands in the lake, many fishes, one of the most famous is the bullhead fish.

Around 11:00 we arrived destination-Thousand islands lake. After lunch. We started our first stop - Kowloon Creek rafting. Rafting is very interesting, we all like it. When reached the destination, quickly put on life jacket, two people per team, began the rafting trip. How happy we are!!!


After rifting, we returned to the hotel.

There is an old saying:’ the days of June like the child's face, changeable.’ The next day, the thousand island lake began to rain, but even if rain also could not prevent us.Then we took umbrella to thousand island lake. At first, we took a cruise to the first island——Mei Feng Guan Island. It is first time for us to take the cruise, very excited. Because of big rain,lake is very spectacular. As the saying goes, don't climb the mountain, don't know day high. Against the wind and rain, in order to see thousand island lake’s beautiful scenery. Facts have proved that the top of mountain is most beautiful, like a natural polish of ink, hauntingly. Think of the work in our lives, if we want to success, to improve, we must face the difficulties, struggle with them, the success will come.


After MeiFengGuan island, we began to the second island, snake island.since it is called Snake Island, the island should be a lot of snakes. Yes, before many years, there are many snakes on Island,but now only two snakes to watch on the entrance . The tour guide said, it is also called Amusement Island.  The island has a lot of water sports and entertainment projects, because of the big rain, we only can to watch performance,such as singing, magic.


Leave the snake island, we visited the Hai Rui temple.Hai Rui, loyal man of Qing dynasty, dutiful son, Said “Hai Rui Legend”. Under his management, people live and work in peace, in honor of Hairui, people built Hairui ancestral temple. We visited the ancestral halls with respect.

After the trip of thousand island lake, everyone back to the hotel to rest. At 8 PM, we watched outstanding performance——the spirit of water. Though dance performance, introducing the history of thousand island lake, getting the applause for a long time.

On the third day, we planed to visit thousand island lake forest oxygen bar, but the weather is bad, so we canceled. What’s a pity. After lunch, we back to zhangjiagang by car. On the way, manager Mr.Chen organized everyone to sing a song, everyone joined it.I have to say a lot of our colleagues are good at singing.

Thousand island lake officially ended three days and two nights, through this activity, we not only  relax our body, but also strengthen relationship among colleagues. Finally, we also hope that the mofeel family can get better and better, we are family!