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The 2014 Annual Meeting of Alibaba Bocai hall is held in Xinyuan holiday village

1/21/2015 4:48:40 PM

 The 2014 Annual Meeting of Alibaba Bocai hall is held in Xinyuan holiday village

Date: 19th Jan, 2015
Address: 3rd floor of Xinyuan holiday village
Theme: The 2014 Annual Meeting of Bocai hall, we are together, fighting!
Characters: General manager of Alibaba Gangyu region, Sales executive Zhou dongsheng of Jiangyin Alibaba,the chairman of the chamber of commerce Yu dongyao of Gangyu region, General manager Xie wenfeng of Alibaba Lingju company, General manager Hu chenhui of Fangzheng bole, Chairman Qin of Zhangjiagang chamber, General manager Xiao jinyi of Bocai hall, General manager Wang jian(Zhangjiagang Mofeel Elevator Guide Rail Co.,Ltd) and other 24 enterprises.

On 19th Jan 2015, Alibaba (Zhangjiagang Region) Bocai hall held a splendid annual meeting in Xinyuan holiday village. It’s held by Bocai hall and was supported by Enter software and Hongdao.
How time flies! An inch of time is an inch of gold. We need to calculate this year and fight in the new year. Summarize 2014 and looking forward to 2015. 2015, we are together, fighting for our dream!

The annual party of Bocai Hall stsrted in 13:00,the whole show was in a warm atmosphere and the programs are splendid.The whole show was in a warm atmosphere,the applause,laughter,the sound can be heard without end. The programs in the party are various,such as the sharement of develop the enterprise culture,portary enterprise outlook.the opusculum set people roaring with laughter,the drama shows team cohesiveness、combatant spirit.all of the programs make the spectator have enough fun and pushing party atmosphere to an exciting climax.

The whole party with warm atmosphere、one climax after another.the brilliant performance not only show the individual talent of employee,but also reflected the enterprise team cohesiveness and good cooperation spirit between the staff,promote build the enterprise culture.

Now let me summarize the great show of the party!



Light spot one: The drama performances of “The election of concubines by emperor” from Zhangjiagang Mofeel Elevator Guide rail Co.,Ltd

The modern version time-travel comedy drama collected the most tide and high language online, realized the perfect combination of modern and ancient equipment on clothing, plus wacky action, ups and downs of the plot combined with the perfect music,it is the most classic.


“My skateboard shoes -friction friction, as the pace of the devil”, was to let the atmosphere reached a climax, “You are bad man,even one hundred do not give me money,what enemies what you and I complain, and you pull my hand, my bracelet 2000 block values ¥2000!!!” These words made the the audience laugh to lay on the ground directly.Multi-element of the story, funny performances, won a lot of applause from the audience, but also pushed the whole party atmosphere to a climax!


Light spot two: Lead metal "Recruitment"

Lead’s friends performed hardly, Chinese tongue twisters, English tongue twisters, let the audience clapped ah! (PS:Although editor didn't understand a word of this English tongue twisters to say what, but stilvery admire, what all not afraid your tongue!)




Light spot three:“Modern Fancywork”
Boss Lily from Rui Haize Import&Export Ltd.is beautiful, good shape, smart, graceful and full of domineering, she takes her team members to make a goddess show.



Light spot four:Manager Xia handover flag with Manager xiao, member organizations make prize presentation, and sponsor honored guests make prize presentation.

On 13th jan 2015,Bocai Hall convene a meeting in Repluse Bay. It decides that Manager Xia take over Manager Xiao’s job and hold the post of chairman in Bocai Hall. This is a sacred and great time, in the past one year, Manager Xiao lead Bocai Hall finished tasks one by one and broke through challenges one by one. In the following a year, Manager Xia will lead us to a new step.


Light spot five:All bosses and staff in 26 organization chorus “Tomorrow will be better”
We always believe that tomorrow will be better and the development of our own company will be better! And the tomorrow of Bocai hall will be better.


Light spot six:As to the end of party, another high tide comes at same time-------prize presentation time! Champion, second place and third place are voted to. The champion is the drama “Emperor chooses imperial concubine” from Zhangjiagang Mofeel Elevator Guide Rail Co.,Ltd. This is fame follows merit! Without any doubt.


During the competition