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How to find an energy-efficient elevator?

4/29/2013 8:47:10 AM

                                                      How to find an energy-efficient elevator?
When looking for an elevator there are many important factors to consider, but the most prominent may be price. It’s very expensive to purchase an elevator, so why buy one that will cost you so much money in energy costs over its lifetime? Install an energy-efficient elevator not only save on energy costs but also make your home more sustainable..
Nowadays there are no standards or specifications to qualify if an elevator is energy-efficient. So be careful when selecting an elevator to make sure that you really get an energy-saving one. Here’s a list of qualities you should search for in an energy-efficient elevator.

Efficient hoisting
There are two types of hoisting for elevators: traction and hydraulic. Though widely used, hydraulic hoisting uses a ton of energy and is also more expensive to maintain. The more energy-efficient option is traction hoisting, specifically gearless. For this type, the elevator rides on a steel rope with a counterweight on the other end. The major benefit of going gearless is that some machines can be 70 percent smaller and up to 50 percent more efficient.
While it takes energy to lift the elevator, it also creates energy when it goes down. The process of harnessing this energy has been ineffective in the past, but improvements have been made over the last few years. Look for an elevator that not only has gearless traction hoisting but also utilizes the energy it creates.

LED lights
While lighting is not the biggest energy consuming device in an elevator, you can still improve efficiency by looking for an elevator with LED lights. LED bulbs are said to use 75 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb and they last up to 25 times longer. If you can’t find an elevator that already includes LED lights, consider replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs to save energy.

Drive types
New technologies have helped reduce energy consumption in elevator motors and improved operational efficiency. One of the best drive types to look at when considering energy-efficient elevator models is the Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF). This drive type can reduce machine room cooling needs and limit the machines energy use by 45%.

Automated controls
Search for an elevator that enables the elevator controller to automatically shut off the machine’s lights and fans. Since stand-by mode can make up 25-80 percent of the elevators energy consumption, you could save a lot of money by taking control when the machine is not in use.
If you are looking for more ways to cut down on your energy costs, you might consider switching to a retail energy supplier. All consumers who live in deregulated areas of North America have the opportunity to choose an energy supplier based on the rates and plans that they offer. You may find that a supplier offers a lower rate than your utility currently does.